Ways To Take Action

Want to help but no time? Consider donating!

When we all work together in the right direction, we create the most free, prosperous and fulfilled communities.

The primary goal of the movement is to grow a massive community aligned around living normal, prosperous, free lives.


The FREEDOM MAP connects people. The two main ways we connect are by:


Outreach: telling people about the map


Symbols: people finding us through our symbols


Both strategies show people they are not alone and show them that they can stand for what is right.

You can help by:

Tell businesses you found them on the map!

Growing the map relies on the network effect! Bypass social media and use your voice in person. People fear standing up because they think they are alone, so show them they are not alone!

Print and hand out free posters!

Social media is censored, so posters bypass this! Hang your poster or display your sticker proudly so people can find the map, grow the network, and create a new economy.

The poster designs are free, but if it’s easier for you, you can just buy them from us.

Share the map with people around you!

Tell your friends about www.freedommap.ca

Host a local meetup!

Try collaborating with local restaurants or businesses from the map!


Check here to find local meetup groups or submit your own:

Simply get out, speak your truth, do what's right, and make every decision from the heart!

We all have our own way to contribute!

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