Huge wins, minor problems, and the convoy!

Huge wins, minor problems, and the convoy!

Wow! Thank you all for your support.

Here are some quick numbers, for all the people who think they’re alone out there:

Freedom Map launched Sept 12th

Sept-Oct: 20,000 views

Oct-Nov: 550,000 views

Nov-Dec: 900,000 views

And that was only before January

Since January 8th, the Freedom Map gets between 300,000 views, and 500,000 views.

Every single day.

Canadians are waking up, and we’re even spreading the map to other countries! We bought the domain so we can expand.

We’ve seen a massive increase in support on the map, and that’s caused some problems.

You may notice that the website sucks on mobile phones, especially older ones.

You’ll notice that even on your computer it’s slow to load – sometimes I can only get the map to load 1 out of every 5 times I load the page. Not acceptable.

It appears our servers are fine, but our site is simply not optimized. For the nontechnical out there, our programming simply needs to be refined, just like editing a piece of writing after you draft it.

The biggest problem right now is lack of technical talent.

We have so many amazing heroes who’ve helped build the site and spread our message, but our friends who helped us build the site only had so much time to volunteer. We are forever grateful for their contributions, and now we need to make sure their hard work doesn’t go to waste.

There is a ton of low-hanging fruit in optimizing the site, and I understand development enough to be confident about that, but not to do the work myself. I’d need months of practice and studying to be able to understand what needs to be done, but any halfway competent programmer should be able to make huge improvements with little effort.

So this is a call for help. Can you devote some time and work to the Freedom Map? Please reach out!

We need to optimize the map and fix some minor bugs, and millions of Canadians would appreciate it.

And there’s plenty more work to be done, but even a small commitment of work and time would help immeasurably. Fixing the easiest bugs would allow millions more Canadians to access Freedom. To know they’re not alone, and to begin creating the communities we all want to see.

Right now the Freedom Map team has put thousands of hours and almost $100,000 into growing this movement and supporting the Great Awakening, and we’re not looking to make money.

Money is meaningless when we don’t have Freedom or quality of life,

When our friends and family are committing suicide,

And being pressured into poisoning themselves.

So reply to this email and let us know if you can help. We’ve created this resource to be free to anyone who needs it, but we’re at a point now where the growth of the movement is completely stopped by the poor function of our website.

So let’s fix the site, Save Canada, and grow the Freedom Map worldwide.

Thank you all for being heroes.


P.S. Want to meet up? Find us in Ottawa on the 29th at the trucker rally! We should be pretty obvious to spot 😉

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