Economic Freedom Lives Here

A Movement For The People

Most people just accept that we’re getting poorer by the day, and it’s wild.


Who said this was reality? We produce more, we have almost unlimited resources in our country, so where is the true wealth going?


A lot of people point at billionaires and the government, and don’t get me wrong, they could do better.


But we can’t really change them.


What can we change? The currency we use. The people we do business with.


Worried about food security? Government mandates? What comes next?


Join the movement, join the Freedom Map. 


We’ve already won, we just need to work together.

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Mailing List

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All businesses and groups on the map stand for freedom and human rights.

Most listings on the map are added by hero business owners who are taking a risk to stand for what they believe is right.

However, you can show customer-submitted listings on the map as well. If you submit a listing as a customer, consider inviting the business owners or group leaders to add themselves officially!

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We get reports all the time from our users and members and modify the map accordingly.

Most listings are added by business owners who are risking confrontation because they know it is the right thing to do.

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We can’t judge based on your situation, the only choice any of us can make is to follow our hearts.

Groups of dedicated people worldwide, who saw a need and decided to take action and create the lives we wanted.


We started by creating great communities and groups of friends who value truth and freedom, and the movement grew from there!


The whole idea of our movement is to create your ideal reality and take personal responsibility, so if you believe in that mission feel free to use our symbols – we created them for everyone!

Some people are scared of what happens if we stand up. However, we lose more if we stay silent.


Look where staying silent has gotten us. The government is not gonna give you your rights back – you have to assert them yourself.


We all have innate human rights to life, liberty and enjoyment of property. This includes running a business and enjoying medical freedom.


At least 7/10 people I talk to know something fishy is going on. That might sound like a crazy number, chances are you feel pretty alone. But that came from talking to hundreds of people ourselves, random people in the street, so we know it’s real.


The more of us stand up, the quicker this all ends. Cops don’t want to enforce, they come to our rallies now in support.


Are you more scared to stand up? or are you scared of what happens if you don’t?

No. Some people like to tie us to political movements that might seem to share our views, but we do things differently.


We tried to get into politics to make change, even started our own political party, but we found out that the more we tried, the more divisive things became.


We realized we can only control our own actions, and we can’t convince others. We can only lead by example.


So we stopped doing politics. We’re focused on culture and fundamental human rights. Finding things we all agree on – like non-discrimination and bodily autonomy.


Once we find fundamental values we all agree on – values that protect all of us while maximizing liberty – we can start to build amazing things together and everyone wins.

In all honesty, probably. Definitely not on purpose.


It’s a best effort and it’s constantly improving.


It’s also insensitive to discriminate, but two wrongs don’t make a right.


So let’s work on a solution together. We’re always happy for feedback.

Nope! We believe that bodily autonomy is very important, but this map is also about something much greater.


The whole goal is to make the most prosperous, aligned and fulfilled world ever. We think in the long-term, and once COVID is done and behind us and the dust has settled, we have a lot of rebuilding to do.


So let’s roll up our sleeves and do better.

No listing is too small for the map. The Freedom Map is for anyone with something to offer.


Are you a small business owner? Big business owner? Part time handyman? Got a cool skill to share? Maybe you have a weekly community meetup or action group?


We would love to have you!

Our amazing volunteers transferred some listings from the old map, but not all of them. Simply create your own account and your own listing and we’ll delete the old one. That way you have full control.